Mr. Vipin Goel

Partner, Raksha Builder

A B.E. in Mechanical Engineer and President of CREDAI (2012 - 15), Bhopal chapter, Shri Vipin Goel has been the Chairman since the inception of Raksha Builders. With over two decades of experience in the real estate industry, he brings on board his unique vision and management practices to the function, expansion, diversification and management of the organisation. With passion for design, he gets involved in every project and envisions it as if he were to personally use it.

Partner’s Message

He believes that people are the most valuable asset at Raksha Builders. "We make our customers happy by giving them the quality, comfort and facilities through our opulent projects. They are the bedrock on which our growth and success stands - they are the pillars of strength that makes us who we are. With commitment to Vision and Mission and the Values, they ensure high-integrity and excellence in all we do and deliver. Regular communication, responsive behaviour and adherence to the highest standards of quality add to the peace of mind of all our stakeholders. These eventually translate into our most precious and shining asset: Trust".

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